Cooming soon: Triple-T E-trolley

Getting your cleaning supplies in place without straining your body


Cleaning professionals often have to use a lot of force to move their cleaning trolley from one place to another. You can imagine how high pile carpet, heavily loaded cleaning trolleys or long distances between locations can be hard to handle. The cleaning profession is vital, but very demanding on the body. Surely you want all your professionals to be able to reach their retirement in good health? The Triple-T e-trolley makes the job easier for them. Our Triple-T E-trolley is an electrically powered cleaning trolley that makes it easy for the cleaner to move from one location to another. The electrical power unit makes the cleaning trolley move by itself. No need to push the cleaning trolley using your entire body weight.



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Healthy cleaning professionals are key

We think it is important that all cleaning professionals can do their job and stay healthy. They are the key to your cleaning organization. Ergonomics were the main focus when we were developing this innovation. We saw a number of challenges that cleaning professionals meet every day: ·      


  • Carpet floors are an obstacle - smooth floors are no problem for a normally loaded Triple-T cleaning trolley. But high-pile carpet, often seen in office buildings, requires some muscle when moving the cleaning trolley.     
  • Heavily loaded cleaning trolley - although it’s not really preferred, we often we see heavily loaded cleaning trolleys. The weight of the trolley becomes too heavy to easily move it around. Moving a trolley like that puts a strain on the cleaning workers body, even on smooth floors.      
  • Pushing above your height - when a cleaning worker is physically small, they often have to push above their center of gravity, straining their shoulders and back.      
  • Covering long distances - Sometimes there is a distance to cover before the cleaner arrives at his destination. They use up a lot of energy pushing a loaded cleaning trolley, energy better spent carrying out cleaning tasks.

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Our solution: the e-trolley

To tackle these challenges, the Triple-T E-trolley captures the strength that a cleaning professional usually delivers in an electrically driven motor at the bottom of the trolley. The cleaners don’t have to push as hard, preventing back and shoulder complaints.


How does the Triple-T E-trolley work?

An electric drive is mounted under the Triple-T cleaning trolley. The drive is powered by a Lithium-ion or lead-acid battery. The motor has a single wheel that moves the trolley forward. Because the wheel can rotate 360 degrees, the trolley is easy to control. The electric drive is operated from the handle of the Triple-T E-trolley and I very easy to use. The electrically driven trolley is available in sizes Medium and Large. The electric drive can also be mounted on an existing Triple-T M or L trolley if you’re already using one.

In short: our Triple-T Concept

Triple-T stands for more pleasant, safe and efficient cleaning. The Triple-T cleaning concept fits in perfectly with the increasingly dynamic role that the professional plays in any organization: from host, housekeeper or food assistant to disinfection specialist. Triple-T is the flexibly customizable system that forms around this. In short, the Triple-T E-trolley ensures that your cleaning professionals remain fit and can effortlessly drive heavy trolleys or cover long distances. Interested in our new addition to the Triple-T concept? Feel free to contact us:



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