Ready for the future: BOMA Robotics introduces Whiz and Lionsbot in the Benelux and France.

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Imagine… one location, different types of floors, different types of contamination and one robotic cleaning team that can tackle all these surfaces based on one centrally controlled map. Sounds like science fiction? With BOMA Robotics we bring this future closer. These robots will complement your cleaning team, making them work smarter, faster and keeping them healthy. That also makes cleaning more fun!


Meet BOMA Robotics

We have been contributing to the professionalization of the cleaning sector for over 45 years. As an example, we are steering the transition from manual to machine cleaning. We do not only offer resources and materials. At BOMA we are service-oriented, which means we’ll bring you a complete solution that not only helps you to clean properly, but also makes your work more simple, smarter and more fun! BOMA Robotics is an extension of these objectives, where innovation and knowledge are more than ever in the spotlights.

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Whiz - Compact, simple and efficient

The robotized vacuum cleaner Whiz excels in simplicity and ensures consistent results. Getting started with the Whiz couldn't be easier: the "teach & repeat" technology recognizes an entire environment after just one walk and then repeats. Whiz only has to learn things once. 


Meet the Lionsbot family

Be amazed by this friendly family of robots with options to interact. With a beating heart on the chest and innocent looking eyes, the Lionsbot provides enthusiasm and joy everywhere. Lionsbot makes cleaning fun! This robot distinguishes itself with its specially developed operating system based on Active AI. For example, the robots are getting smarter every day and can detect whether a person or object is on the route and adjust the follow-up action accordingly. Safety first!

Be part of the (r)evolution!

The future is now. Make sure you are a frontrunner and create opportunities by working faster, smarter and more fun. Want to know what this can mean for your cleaning location? Make an appointment with one of our specialists via

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