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We are all part of a fast-moving industry that sees constant change. Innovation plays a key role and is driven by the growing availability of automation and robotic technology, as well as a new understanding of how data can shape and improve operations. This shift has allowed the industry to not only see the value of this innovation, but to realise that it will soon become the standard.


The future of our industry is data-friendly, tech-savvy processes will have a clear advantage. Also improving performances through sustainable solutions, harnessing new technology and more efficient cleaning solutions. More companies are uncovering the data that exists within their businesses and understanding how they can make the most of it to drive effective and efficient processes.


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Robert Stelling – Exhibition Manager Interclean Global Events 

The recent advances in robotic technology made by manufacturers have been rapid and breath-taking. Where automated cleaning machines were once an exciting but expensive solution, they are swiftly becoming widely used across different environments and industries. Driving productivity and sustainability, they’re the new addition to professional cleaning teams which will be able to work more effectively and efficiently. Additionally, they will also form a key part of your ongoing investment in innovation that will deliver long-term results for both your business and customer-base.


Sustainability is by no means a new phenomenon for the professional cleaning and hygiene industry. As consumers demand more sustainable approaches from the companies they interact with, the need to display credible green credentials has already filtered through to those providing cleaning products and services. The amount of companies that are actively trying to become more green-friendly is still rising, which is not surprising considering the positive impact it has on the environment and the companies themselves.


It is always fantastic to see the amazing innovations and developments from our exhibitors and we enjoy sharing them with the rest of the world. Many of the innovations in this magazine are a world-first in their field, and represented a significant leap forward for technology in the professional cleaning and hygiene industry.




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