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Train healthcare staff virtually with Tork VR Clean Hands Training app

Proper hand hygiene is considered the single most important method of preventing and controlling infection in healthcare facilities. Based on WHO's 5 moments for Hand Hygiene, our training solution enables you and your staff to train and improve on each of these critical moments – in virtual reality.


Tork VR Clean Hands Training is a fun and interactive game, specifically designed to make hand hygiene training more engaging and inspiring than ever before. Take on the role of a nurse or physician, put on your VR-headset and get ready to start a new shift in the virtual ward. In a series of real life situations, you get to practice on each of WHO's 5 moments for hand hygiene – using your own hands. Did you not comply with WHO's guidelines the first time? Give it a new try, and you will soon have excellent hand hygiene standards – both in the virtual and real world.


Awarded as both category winner and winner of the visitor’s choice of the Amsterdam Innovation Award 2020.

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Secure safe care environments with Tork Interactive Clean Hospital Training

Prepare your cleaning staff with the right tools. Correct cleaning and how it contributes to patient safety has become a more important topic than ever before. Here you will find training and educational material that will help you and your team keep hospital environments safe and clean. This training educates your staff in hospital cleaning. Enter the interactive patient room to learn the right cleaning strategies, and how to follow the correct steps for optimal cleaning. Tips and tricks are included and at the end of the session you’ll see if you’ve scored well and managed to clean all high-touch surfaces in the room. Available soon in multiple languages.

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Promote better handy hygiene with Tork Skincare solutions

No matter the industry, caring for your employees' and visitors' health and well-being is key to long-term success more than ever. As a facility manager, you need to ensure that you have the right equipment and products easily accessible to institute a high standard of personal hygiene within your facility. Today, both staff and visitors expect functional and quality hygiene solutions to help keep them healthy and safe. Tork provides a wide range of expertise as well as functional and well-designed skincare products and services for modern facilities to help you take care of your visitors, employees and tenants.


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Use data-driven cleaning to improve hygiene with Tork EasyCube® and Digital Cleaning Plans

Higher than ever cleaning standards call for new ways of working. Tork EasyCube® and Tork Digital Cleaning Plans help you drive more effective cleaning routines and boost quality. We know that Facility service providers must be capable of continuously dealing with today’s most pressing challenges while also preparing themselves for the complexities of tomorrow. Data-driven cleaning is one solution that enables businesses to overcome both new and long-standing challenges, helping them to stay competitive, increase their performance in the market-place and securing the new hygiene standard.Nominated for the Amsterdam Innovation Award 2020.


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Close the loop with Tork PaperCircle®

At Tork, circularity means re-thinking the way we do business, using resources more efficiently and reducing waste. Our goal is to design products and services that fit into a circular society. By partnering with like-minded companies, we can close the loop in Professional Hygiene. We’re proud to offer the world’s first sustainable and hygienic recycling solution for paper hand towels, tork PaperCircle: Together, we can enable your business to go circular by collecting and recycling your used paper hand towels into new tissue products – turning waste into a resource. Tork PaperCircle helps you meet your sustainability targets by reducing waste with at least 40%* and cut the carbon emissions for your paper hand towels by up to 40%. It is a powerful statement of your commitment to Sustainability – both for visitors and employees.


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Secure the new hygiene standard with Tork PeakServe® Continuous™ Hand Towel System

Proper drying is as important as washing your hands. With Tork PeakServe it is now even easier to serve washrooms with different traffic flows, layouts and sizes with the same refill. The highest capacity in the market, combined with fast and easy dispensing secures constant availability and improved hand hygiene compliance in your facility. Tork PeakServe is now available as standard and mini dispensers and as adapters for recessed towel cabinets, enabling you to meet the needs of your entire facility with the same refill. This reduces the number of products your staff needs to handle and store, and with the dispensers’ slim design, you can enhance the washroom experience without compromising on capacity or hygiene.


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