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I don’t need to tell you that these are strange times; you no doubt see enough evidence of that around you every day. But when it comes to cleaning, these are also times when we can demonstrate our added value even more clearly – not only by ensuring hygiene, but also by sharing knowledge about it… from cleaning to hand hygiene and disinfection. Cleaning companies and industry suppliers alike have a responsibility to pass on their knowledge to their clients who are governed by fear. And feel free to provide constructive criticism when doing so. What is and isn’t necessary? Is there really any point in disinfecting if you don’t perform cleaning first? And is hand sanitising always necessary, or is thorough hand washing (and drying!) sufficient?


Acquiring knowledge

In order to share knowledge, you first need to acquire it, whether through cleaning-related training courses, trade media such as Service Management or visiting trade fairs. Held in Amsterdam every two years, Interclean is the highpoint of the global cleaning industry’s agenda. For us as media representatives, it’s always a whirlwind of information sessions, product launches and appointments at dozens of stands, all to keep you – our readers – up to date on the latest innovations in areas such as digitalisation and robotisation. We hugely look forward to it every time, and the anticipation had already started to build in January and February of this year. The video with exhibition manager Robert Stelling had been recorded in preparation for broadcast, and the Interclean-themed special edition of Service Management was ready to go to print.


Hopes of an exhibition were dashed

But then... what initially appeared to be a remote virus outbreak spread around the world at lightning speed and the COVID-19 crisis erupted in full force in Europe. The lockdown dashed all hopes of the Interclean exhibition taking place. As the Innovation Awards judging panel, we quickly worked in conjunction with exhibition organisers RAI Amsterdam to announce the winners in the various categories digitally instead, with all jury members present. Interclean was postponed at first, but as time went on things did not improve enough to allow a physical gathering.


In close cooperation

That is why this year’s edition of Interclean will be held online. Does that mean you have to miss out on the product innovations? No, because they’ve all gone digital too. In close cooperation with Interclean, we’re delighted to send you this digital magazine in which we highlight countless innovative products so that you have a sense of visiting the trade fair. Admittedly, we can’t capture the experience of exchanging thoughts over drinks (unfortunately!), but at least this helps you to stay up to date on the latest product launches. 


I hope you enjoy reading this publication. I also hope that you stay healthy, and that your business remains strong so that you can continue to provide your clients with appropriate hygiene advice. Lastly, I very much hope to see you again in person at the next Interclean in Amsterdam in 2022. After all, even the pandemic will pass eventually. Until then!


Ronald Bruins, editor-in-chief of Service Management, the Netherlands’ biggest platform about professional cleaning.


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