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Reduce, Reuse, Refurbish & Recycle

This new C-Shuttle range stands for the circular revamping of cleaning methods. Reduce, reuse, refurbish and recycle are not empty concepts: with the new line we are putting them into practice.


  • Reduce: the weight and the amount of material are limited by using double-walled hollow shells and a solid aluminum structure.
  • Reuse: the cleaning trolley is made of recycled materials.
  • Refurbish: the modular cleaning trolleys can be customised for various applications and can be adapted to meet your changing needs, allowing it to continue to be used and have a long lifespan.
  • Recycle: at the end of their life all used materials can once again be recycled.

What else makes the C-Shuttle special?

The trolley’s most striking aspect is its modular character. It means there are so many combinations available that you can make a cleaning trolley completely tailored to your needs so that you can work efficiently. The perfect cleaning trolley can be created for any mop system and for any working environment such as healthcare, offices and public buildings, schools, .... The new C-Shuttle also offers practical storage solutions and is lockable to keep documents and products safe. To add a personal touch the door panels can be customised with your own design or logo. And finally, the stylish trolley is easy to manoeuvre and steer, even when carrying loads of up to 200 kg. The high-quality wheels let you move the trolley across a variety of different floorings without making a sound. These rubber wheels also avoid dirt building up and they can also be disinfected.

Make your cleaning more sustainable, efficient & stylish!

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